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TOPIC (chosen by students): Abortion

Since at least the 1950’s, there has not existed a universal consensus among evangelicals regarding the permissibility of abortion. Among those who have affirmed the practice, there has been different degrees of qualification placed on its permissibility. Among those who deny it, even then there has been an affirmation of practices that result in abortion if abortion is not the primary purpose of the action. And a host of positions in between these and around them. 
Like most issues we discuss, our approach will remain fundamentally theological. We will be asking questions like: what is the nature of a “human being?” How do we understand a fertilized egg, and what bearing does that have on affirming or denying abortion? And a fetus? What are the moral parameters that should guide our views of abortion? Is abortion ever permissible? If it is, should qualifications be placed on its permissibility? And more...


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The Paradosis Center “Caffeinated Theology" sessions are designed for students to be able to engage pressing and/or controversial topics in Christian theology that tend to contribute to Christian division.  Our model is fides quaerens intellectum (“faith seeking understanding”). These sessions will be held on a monthly basis.




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