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Dr. Peter Leithart, "Is There a Future for 'Protestantism'?"

The Paradosis Center for Theology and Scripture announces that Dr. Peter Leithart (president, Theopolis Institute) will lecture on “What is the Future of Protestantism?” on Oct. 12 at 3 p.m. in SBC 241-242. Desert and coffee will be provided by Faculty Development. In light of the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Reformations of the 16th century, Dr. Leithart explores the question of the future of the Protestant movement. Dr. Leithart is the author of over 30 books, including his forthcoming "The End of Protestantism: Pursuing Unity in a Fragmented Church," as well as "Deep Exegesis: The Mystery of Reading Scripture," "Defending Constantine" and "Gratitude: An Intellectual History." Admission is free and open to the public.


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"Engaging the Book of Acts, Engaging One Another: Catholics, Orthodox and Evangelicals"



Engaging the Gospel of John, Engaging One Another

Catholics, Orthodox and Evangelicals

September 25-27, 2014

Thursday Evening Banquet    
Timothy George (E): John 11:1-44 Audio  
Respondent: John Mark Reynolds (O) Audio  
Respondent: Michael Waldstein (C) Audio  
Friday Session 1    
Michael Root (C): John 21:15-24 Audio  
Respondent: D.H. Williams (E) Audio  
Respondent: David Bradshaw (O) Audio  
Friday Session 2    
Edith Humphrey (O): John 4:1-26 Audio  
Respondent: Jens Zimmermann (E) Audio  
Respondent: Daniel A. Keating (C) Audio  
Friday Session 3    
R.R. Reno (C): John 17:1-26 Audio  
Respondent: Richard Mouw (E) Audio  
Respondent: Paul Gavrilyuk (O) Audio  
Friday Session 4    
Fr. John Behr (O): John 18:28-19:16 Audio  
Respondent: Peter Leithart (E) Audio  
Respondent: Fr. Thomas Joseph White (C) Audio  
David Jeffrey (E): John 8:1-11 Audio  
Respondent: Fr. Peter Galadza (C) Audio  
Respondent: George Parsenios (O) Audio  

 *(E) Evangelical  (C) Catholic  (O) Orthodox


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