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Orientation Staff 2016

Ready to Welcome You

Orientation is an all-campus effort led by the Coordinator of New Student Orientation plus an incredible group of Student Orientation Directors and Leaders. These students and staff are here to help guide you through this transition. 

Student Director Team

Dominic Esposito Fall 2016 Director

Dominic Esposito


Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry and Business Administration

Hometown: Mountain Home, Arkansas

Dorm: Townhouses

Favorite thing to do in NWA (Northwest Arkansas): Camping with friends!

What JBU Orientation means to me: JBU orientation introduced me to the culture on campus. Because made such an impact on me, I wanted to give back to the future students.

One thing I wish I had known as a new student: If you like cheese and meat -- Go get the "Steven Special" at La Huerta.

What I love most about JBU: I love the JBU community, and the relationships I have made. The students and faculty care about each person, and there is always someone who is willing to lend a helping hand. Whether it be a teacher or a student you met in the cafeteria, the people at JBU is welcoming to anyone. The community here is something that can’t be found at other universities.



Gustavo Zavala Fall 2016 DirectorGustavo Zavala (Gus)


Major: Marketing & International Business
Minor: Graphic Design

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador

Dorm: Northslope Apartments

Favorite thing to do in NWA (Northwest Arkansas): Concerts with friends.

Find me on Instagram: @aspara_gus_

What JBU Orientation means to me: The great opportunity to serve the new students as they transition to college life.

One thing I wish I had known as a new student: College life at JBU is easier than I thought it would be.

What I love most about JBU: The opportunity to get to know people with different stories and backgrounds!


Jocie Morgan Fall 2016 DirectorJocie Morgan


Major: Worship Arts

Hometown: Arlington, Texas

Dorm: Northslope Apartments

Favorite thing to do in NWA (Northwest Arkansas): The kayak park here in Siloam is one of my favorite places to go when it's warm!

Find me on Instagram: @jociemorgan

What JBU Orientation means to me: Orientation marked the beginning of a chapter of life that I was very excited and very nervous about. Looking back, I realize that the activities, the intentional times with my O Group, and all the information that I learned were helping me transition to the culture and expectations that JBU has for us students. I loved the experience, and am glad that I get to continue to be a part of this process with the incoming students each year!

One thing I wish I had known as a new student: To pursue different friendships, involvement opportunities, and leadership roles... But don't hold onto any of them too tightly! No one will be disappointed if you move to another friend group who you fit with better, and no one will be angry if you decide you don't enjoy a major or leadership position and want to change. Most everyone is rooting for you to grow into the best person you can be!

What I love most about JBU: Being a member of Cathedral Choir! The choir has become my family, and is where I've made some of my closest friends. Not only do we get to make beautiful music together almost every day, but our director loves us dearly, and we enjoy the company of a wide variety of people (all majors are invited to audition!). It's one place where I can retreat and use my talents for the enjoyment of others. 


Ryan Hackett Fall 2016 DirectorRyan Hackett


Major: Accounting
Minor: Professional Accounting Development

Hometown: Aurora, Nebraska

Dorm: Townhouses

Favorite thing to do in NWA (Northwest Arkansas): Hiking trips through the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

Find me on Instagram: @rhinohackett

What JBU Orientation means to me: Orientation was such an important part of my college transition. It was a fun time where I got to meet SO many people (some of which are now my closest friends). It's a blast, but it's more than just fun and games. It's about the relationships that are built, and the journey that is started.

One thing I wish I had known as a new student: It's going to be okay. Really, it will be okay. Things won't go as planned. You will fail. There will be pain. But in the end, you'll look back at your first year and realize that the Lord knew what He was doing the whole way along. College is too short to not trust what the Lord is doing. Enjoy every minute of it.

What I love most about JBU:  I'm convinced that I have the best friends in the world, and I'm thankful for every one of them. The people at JBU are by far what I love most. The people at JBU are special.


Tori Roberts Fall 2016 DirectorTori Roberts


Major: Business Administration

Hometown: White Hall, Arkansas

Dorm: Commuter.

Favorite thing to do in NWA (Northwest Arkansas): Anything outdoors. There are so many fun things to do outdoors around NWA!

Find me on Instagram: @toriii_k

What JBU Orientation means to me: Since my freshman year, Orientation has been very special to me. If I was not introduced into the JBU community like I was during Orientation, I don't believe I would be where I am at now. I am an Orientation Director because I see the value and importance of new students having a smooth transition into college.

One thing I wish I had known as a new student: I wish I had known as a new student is that grades do not define you. Grades can be a good representation of who you are, but they don't encompass all of your skills and abilities. College is about learning more about yourself and what you are good at, not just passing a class.

What I love most about JBU: I love that JBU pushes us, as students, to pursue holistic excellence. Learning goes beyond the classroom. Professors and faculty support and encourage us to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically as well. I believe that is what makes JBU so special.



Victoria Le Fall 2016 DirectorVictoria Le


Major: Digital Cinema
Minor: Photography

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dorm: Townhouses

Favorite thing to do in NWA (Northwest Arkansas): My favorite thing to do in NWA is finding new places to build a bonfire and go camping. There's also nothing better than going waking up to an Arkansas sunrise,

Find me on Instagram: @TOORALOORAA

What JBU Orientation means to me: Orientation provides students with a first impression of college life at John Brown University. It is so important that new students feel genuinely welcomed and cared for. Getting to know the students that God leads to this campus is so rewarding and exciting.

One thing I wish I had known as a new student: As a transfer student, I wish I had known how to better connect with my graduating class towards the beginning of the year.

What I love most about JBU: Having a personal relationship with my professors has been one of the most incredible experiences at JBU. I came from a large university where I didn't always have the opportunity to have face to face interactions with my professors. To feel specifically and individually cared for by the people who love what they are teaching has not only made me a more diligent student, but also a lover of my craft. 


O leadersO. Leaders (Fall 2016)

Once you arrive on campus, you will meet your Orientation Leader.
There are over 90 O. Leaders who are your link to the University. They are paired up and serve a group of 8-10 incoming students, which make up your O. Group.
O. Leaders are chosen to inform, serve, care, and connect with you!





Coordinator of New Student Orientation

 Sarah Erdman - Coordinator of New Student orientationMy name is Sarah Erdman and I am the Coordinator of New Student Orientation. It is my privilege to help in your transition into life here at John Brown University. I am privileged to work with such a great team of student leaders who work diligently and effectively to make this first step into college and JBU successful. We are excited to help you learn to thrive spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically here in this community!

I am an alumni of JBU (Class of 2008) with a bachelor’s degree in Natural Science and a master’s degree in Higher Education. I have worked at JBU for 8 years in the College of Business, Residence Life [Mayfield RD] and Career Development. This is my first year in this new role in Orientation. I married a JBU alumni and have one son and another on the way in September!

I am excited to be a part of your introduction to JBU, a place that is so dear to my heart. I have grown and developed during my years here and I am excited for you to do the same.



Orientation Director Team 2016

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