Online Learner Expectations 

Online students must log into the course several times during the week to check for announcements, complete reading and writing assignments, view any videos,  contribute to discussions and take any tests that are scheduled.

Online students must check their JBU email account at least 3 times per week.  All communication from JBU instructors will be sent to your JBU email account.

Online Course Components

Assignments:  Each week you will be asked to complete readings, written assignments, projects and other activities.  You must submit assignments when they are due. Assignment due dates are posted in each course.

Discussions:  You may be asked to participate in forum discussions every week. 

Questions: You can post questions you may have in your course in the Course Questions forum of your course.  Posting questions in the forum allows all students to benefit from the response. Your instructor will respond in a timely manner (usually within 48 hours).  You may also contact the instructor by email or phone.

Testing:  Quizzes may be a part of your course.  These quizzes are online and may be timed.

Office Hours: Online office hours are posted by the individual instructor.

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