Liberal Arts

Gain the skills you need for professional success.

Whether you’re considering a master’s degree or want to advance your career quickly, a Liberal Arts degree from JBU will give you the opportunity to gain the skills you need for professional success. Students may choose from two areas of emphasis: Communication or Politics and Ethics.

JBU's Liberal Arts program is an interdisciplinary studies degree that trains students to communicate effectively, to think creatively and critically, and to work across disciplines. 

5 Things to Know About Liberal Arts Online:

  1. Classes are offered in 8-week terms with two terms per semester.
  2. You can choose whether to be a full-time student or a part-time student and finish your degree at your own pace. Most students enroll in 12 hours per semester (two terms) and finish in two years.
  3. Online LA courses are compressed, which means that you'll learn the same amount of content that you would in a traditional 16-week course during an 8-week term.
  4. Your classes are available from wherever you are, so long as you have internet access.
  5. Assignments are due weekly, and students are expected to be active in the online course at least three times per week.

4 Reasons to Study Liberal Arts at JBU:

  • Faster completion – The Liberal Arts program allows students to use the credit they’ve already earned to complete a bachelor’s degree in as little as a year.
  • Convenience – With five start dates per year, you can start when you’re ready. And because it’s 100% online, classes work with your busy life, allowing time for family and hectic work schedules.
  • Small class sizes – At JBU, we limit enrollment in our online courses to 20 students so that you can be sure that your professor will be available to answer your questions and provide timely feedback on assignments.
  • Employable skills – Like other classic liberal arts programs, this degree aims to give graduates the ability to look at a lot of information and connect ideas, to solve problems, and to communicate with multiple audiences.

2 Admission Requirements:

  • Successful completion of at least 45 semester hours of transferable college credit
  • GPA of 2.0 (4.0 scale) or better on all prior academic work

Candidates who do not meet all of these requirements may appeal for admission consideration. Please visit with your admissions representative for further information.

Admissions Process

  1. Submit your application for admission
  2. Request transcript(s) from all universities previously enrolled (even if you did not receive credit)

Did you know?

JBU was the top-ranking online program in Arkansas for 2015, according to US News.  

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