Elective Course Descriptions

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Elective Course Descriptions

BBL 2003 Orientation to the Bible (3 credit hours)
A course designed to survey essential history and content of the bible. Emphasis is placed on the practical implications of biblical truth. Readings, written assignments, and class discussions are the key teaching methodologies. (Biblical Studies, Humanities, or elective credit)

BBL3913 Principles from the Life of Christ (3 credit hours)
A study of the life of Jesus Christ in general but with major emphasis on select portions of His life, ministry, sacrificial death, and resurrection. With a view to "Living Christianly in a World of Unchristian Ideas," the course emphasizes the application of His life-changing principles to everyday living. (Biblical Studies, Humanities, or elective credit)

COM 2263 Non-Fiction Film and Video (3 credit hours)
A survey of the development of the documentary film genre from the late 19th century to the present. (Humanities or elective credit)

GSC 1183 Astronomy (3 credit hours)
Introduction to the basic facts of modern astronomy. Approach that will be taken is the "regions" approach. The regions approach starts by understanding common phenomena on earth, some of the history of astronomy and the basic assumptions on which it rest. After understanding these concepts, the course moves into the solar system, nearby star systems, the galaxy and the universe at large. Some discussion of how concepts in modern astronomy relate to some notions within the Christian faith will also be considered. (Natural Science or elective credit)

PSY 3413 Psychology of Personal Growth (3 credit hours)
A study of the origin and nature of human individual differences, including an investigation of human coping strategies, an exploration of the potential of personality change, and understanding the scientific approach to human adjustment. (Social/Behavioral Science or elective credit)


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