JBU Online Programs

At JBU, we value honesty and transparency with our current and future students. JBU charges tuition on a per-credit-hour basis. JBU does not charge any hidden fees. You can accurately estimate your tuition based on the information below.

Payment Options

You have several options for paying tuition. Most of our online students receive financial assistance in the form of grants, loans, or employer reimbursement.

Tuition Rate for July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

$425 per credit hour with no added fees
Rate applies to both major courses and electives. 

Estimated Cost Per Semester 

Below is the tuition cost per semester based on a 12-credit-hour load.

Tuition Rate x Credit Hours

 = Total Semester Cost

 $425 x 12

= $5,100

Calculating Your Total Tuition Cost

Your total tuition cost depends on how many credit hours you need to finish your degree. You will need a minimum of 45 credit hours to start & at least 120 credit hours to graduate. 

Not sure how many credits you need to finish your degree? Ask your admissions counselor for a free transcript audit.

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