The mission of John Brown University is to provide Christ-centered education that prepares people to honor God and serve others by developing their intellectual, spiritual, and professional lives.

JBU strives to provide a learning environment for students and faculty free from harassment, abuse or humiliation to the instructor and members of the class.  The primary means of communication in an online course is written.  Because there are no visual cues, such as facial expression, the written word can be misinterpreted. Open the links below to read more on JBU's Acceptable Use Policy and Communicating in an online course.

Communicating Online

JBU Acceptable Use Policy

Statement of Academic Integrity

As a Christian institution of higher education, John Brown University seeks to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. Click the link below to read the complete policy on academic integrity, including information about plagiarism.  JBU online courses use "SafeAssign" for plagiarism detection.  SafeAssign compares student papers to a database of papers as well as online sources.

Academic Integrity


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