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Friday, December 4, 2009

GroupAs the “admissions specialist” I spend nearly all of my day getting to know each prospective student- everything from their transfer credits to their middle initial. The best way I can serve my students is to become very familiar with their file for admission. Each of our students transfer to the Advance Program at JBU with varying university and college credits, family backgrounds, employment history, not to mention certifications, job training, and licensing! I focus on understanding each student’s educational history, help them collect admissions criteria, and point them in their best educational direction. Most of my interaction with our prospective students, though, takes place over the phone or through email. I rarely get to see the shining faces of our new students, even though I could list each of their middle names from memory!
However, recently I had the opportunity to attend the first night of class for eighteen of our new students. What an enlightening time! I was able to meet each of the students, face-to-face, and finally put a smile with the voice. And, even though I thought I knew all there was to know about the students, I learned so much more during class! I learned that Debi has grown sons (I thought she was at most in her twenties!), Jarrod has a third child on the way, Josh recently bought his first home, and Stephanie is in a bible study with my sister!
Oddly enough, our students actually have many things in common! Each of you holds family first in your priorities. You are starting back to school to lead your children by example. You have tried the traditional “college” approach, and found that it didn’t work for your schedule and the demands of your life. You are dedicated employees, and you bring a wealth of experience from your work history. You are servant-minded students. You have served our country abroad and at home, and you have served with the Church abroad on the mission field. The biggest common denominator is your dedication to finish your degree! Thank you for allowing me a glimpse of your life. There’s so much more to you than what your transcript might show!

~Jennifer Newell
Admissions Specialist
John Brown University- Rogers Center

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