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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hill Family

When I first enrolled as an online student at John Brown University, I found myself feeling anxious about the interaction with my instructors, my advisor, and other JBU staff. Would there be proper communication? Or—as I’ve experienced before in my life—would I simply be treated as a number? These are most likely the fears of many other students who are returning to school.

However, from the moment I applied to John Brown University, God showed me this where He wanted me to be. The instructors were kind, patient, supportive, and always ready to talk with me or work with me. I received a wealth of support—letters saying that people at JBU had prayed for me, emails and phone calls from my instructors. Even when I doubt myself in class (which I often do), each instructor has given me confidence that I’m on the right track. If ever I fall off that track, I know they will be there to help me back on.

The last couple of months have been extremely difficult for me and my family. In the beginning of February, I had to fly to Houston and be with my mother while she underwent brain surgery. I wrote to my instructors at the time, making them aware of the situation and apologizing for potential late homework. Mrs. Emily Moore stood out to me in her response to all of this.  Despite clearly stating in her syllabus that late work was not accepted, she replied that she would work with me, pray for my family, and that she didn’t want me to stress out over the homework. Her patience and compassion showed me what it truly means to integrate faith and learning; she is just one of many people at JBU who have shown God’s love through their words and their actions.

-Marcell Hill
JBU Online Psychology Student


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