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Dual Credit Options at JBU

Friday, July 8, 2016

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I am writing to encourage others who may be considering dual credit options at John Brown University. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the Degree Completion program, and my experience was a positive one. It was a great way to satisfy elective credits and earn graduate level credit at the same time!

I found the experience challenging and rewarding. Not only was I able to save the expense, but also precious time—a major benefit if you are considering furthering your academic endeavors beyond a bachelor's degree. In addition to a once-a-week commitment with the Degree Completion program, I enrolled in an additional once-a-week graduate class. In my case the graduate level courses were a bit longer than my undergraduate classes, but I think that was beneficial. It allowed more time to grasp the graduate level material and manage deadlines. With the help of the advising staff at JBU’s Rogers Campus, I selected courses that would enhance my undergraduate studies as well as position me for the MBA program after graduation.

For those considering dual credit options, I would suggest finding strategic ways to balance your time. I juggled a very demanding corporate job, my undergraduate courses, and graduate classes—all as a single father! Nothing good comes without some sort of sacrifice. For me, it was carving time from my already thin social schedule and learning to be more disciplined with how I manage my time. My life’s goal has been to finish a bachelor’s degree, and with the dual credit opportunity, I have not only been able to graduate magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s in Organizational Management, but I've also completed a considerable number of courses toward an MBA.

I would strongly recommend dual credit to any student who may already be thinking that they want to pursue a graduate degree. In the long run, it is really just a short wedge in the span of your life, and earning dual credit makes it even shorter!


- J.W. Smith

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