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John Ekenseair has earned his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management! We're excited to celebrate with him, and he's excited to share his experience with you!

Friday, December 18, 2015

John Ekenseair

December is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ, and at JBU it's also a time to celebrate our graduates! They have finished what they started! Many achieved their bachelor's degree while working full-time and taking care of their families. They have learned a lot, so we asked them to share some of their experiences with us.

Here is what John Ekenseair, a graduate from our Organizational Management Degree Completion Program in Little Rock, had to say:

Why did you choose JBU?
Honestly, I really never knew about JBU until my wife told me about it. I was finishing up my associate's degree from Pulaski Tech and wondering what I should do next to extend my education. I knew about degree completion programs throughout the state but couldn't tell where I would best fit in. After my wife told me how great and creditable JBU is, I knew the program would make a huge impact on me and further my career.

I looked into what JBU offered and had a few meetings with my recruiter, Mrs. Elizabeth Pulley at the Little Rock campus. She was fantastic and proved so helpful throughout my time at JBU. As a Christ-follower, I was excited about the kind of role-models and leadership that JBU offers. It was a no-brainer and one of the best decisions I have ever made. I will always treasure my time at JBU. I'm so blessed by everything I learned from the teachers, students, and everyone else involved. I'm proud to finally be a JBU alumni.

What was your favorite class? Why?
My favorite class was “Christian Faith for Business Leaders”. Dr. Joe Manning was such an awesome teacher. His knowledge and insight of the word of God was truly amazing. I was like a sponge in his class, just soaking up the knowledge he provided. Dr. Manning’s class taught me that believing in God is more than having the head-knowledge. It's also about the heart. When you believe with both your heart and mind, you begin to place your trust and confidence in Him, knowing that He alone saves you, provides for you, and gives you life. You must learn to put Christ in charge of your present, your future, your plans, and your eternal destiny. Believing in Him is trusting fully in Him. Belief in God is the most important and foundational thing. 

Did you have any particular experiences that challenged you academically, spiritually, or professionally? 
I had a spiritual experience throughout my time at John Brown University. Setting the word of God as my foundation directly impacts how I live my life. JBU taught me that the Bible is the first place I should look for instruction on how to lead my family and how to run my business. It guides me toward what is truly important in life. 

In my time at JBU, I learned about Jesus Christ as a leader, and it has given me a better perspective on how to actually lead like Jesus. Luke 6:31 tell us to treat others the same way you want them to treat you. That’s how I need to lead. Through Jesus' example, we can better understand how to live selflessly and responsibly, making wise use of our time and seeing the potential in others.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a student considering the Degree Completion Program at JBU?
One piece of advice I would give is to “NEVER GIVE UP.” No matter how stressed you feel or how late you have to stay up to submit that paper, “NEVER GIVE UP.” You can do it! If a good old, small-town, country boy who barely passed high school can do it, you can too! I worked full-time, went to school full-time, stood by my wife (the light of my life!) while she fought and beat cancer, but I never gave up. I finished what I started and am graduating with “Cum Laude” honors. Anyone can do it. With God in front and support from family and friends, you really can do it. And if you don’t have that guidance or support, you will find it at John Brown University!  




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