How can I know if a college or university is legitimate?

The importance of regional accreditation

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

If you’ve searched for colleges online, you’ve likely been overwhelmed with choices. So how do you know which ones are credible? 

The industry standard for the assessment of quality is regional accreditation. In Arkansas, that’s the Higher Learning Commission ( Attending a college or university with this accreditation means that you can transfer your credit and that your degree is more likely to be recognized when you apply for graduate school.

Beyond accreditation, consider colleges that have been recognized for academic quality by independent agencies. US News and World Report ranks colleges annually via their “Best Colleges” report, while Forbes provides similar rankings with “America’s Top Colleges.”

Ultimately, your college experience will be best if you find the right fit. Talk with more than one university before you decide where to enroll. Yours isn’t the only name that will appear on your diploma; choose a university you’ll be proud to call your alma mater.

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