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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My story starts differently than some in the Degree Completion Program. I am still considered a traditional student.

Let’s start at the beginning. I was sure that John Brown University in Siloam was where I was going to attend through most of my high school days. Yet, in my senior year, God changed my plans. When I graduated from high school I already had a part time job that I loved. Because of this and a few other family-related things, I decided to stay in my hometown, Little Rock, to go to college and work.

I enrolled in a local university and began my studies. I went to school full time and I worked as much as I could handle. The only thing I really loved was my job; I was getting to coordinate a leadership development residency for a church in LR. What an amazing opportunity! I became tired, though, and it was not something a few hours of sleep could help me recover from.

I was miserable with no way out. I knew I had to finish my degree and I didn’t want to stop work to accomplish that, but there was not much more I could do. Instead of giving up too quickly, I went through a natural skills and abilities extensive personality map. Turns out I was in the right field of study and I was even thriving (academically) within the misery.

My body did give out though and I didn’t know where to turn. I took some time off from everything for a few weeks and tried to find my way. Through a fluke, someone Googled John Brown University and found out they had a Little Rock Center. Just a few weeks later I was sitting in the JBU Little Rock Center in an initial interview. It took a few months to sort out the details and a lot of bravery as I defied normality to join the JBU Family.

Along the way, the residency program I help coordinate received advanced standing academic credit toward a JBU business degree. God is so good. I am able to work now full-time, doing what I absolutely love, while completing a degree I want to have in order to further the leadership programs I will get to touch in the future. All the while, I get to work with JBU on my own academic journey and the journey of those who complete our residency program.

If you had asked me just a few years ago if all this was possible, I would not have believed it. All of my dreams came to fruition in a matter of months and I thank God I had to get uncomfortable in order to get to this place. I thank God daily for John Brown University. I love my education, my classes, the partnership, and the professors. Quite honestly, I haven’t found much to not thank God for.

Lauren BrownLauren Brown
Organizational Management major
Little Rock

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