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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dann BrownAfter serving one enlistment in the US Army, Dann Brown completed a nursing degree and began working as a registered nurse. But after a year of bedside nursing, he knew he wanted to move to the administrative side of healthcare.

Recognizing that managing employees was a different set of skills than managing patients, Dann began to look for an educational program that would prepare him for a healthcare management career while allowing him to continue to work in his chosen profession. That's when he discovered JBU's Degree Completion Program. "JBU's Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management provided me with the background and skills necessary to be successful as a manager," Brown said. "I cannot stress how important it was to be a part of a program that offered flexibility without sacrificing quality."

After graduating from JBU, Dann was quickly promoted. "I obtained my first nurse management job overseeing a staff of 75 within two months of graduation," he said.

In addition to providing him with the skills necessary to become a successful manager, JBU's Degree Completion Program also helped prepare Dann for law school. Five years after obtaining his bachelor's degree at JBU, Dann enrolled at the University of Houston, where he obtained his juris doctorate.

Now Dann is using all of his education as an administrative director at a medical center. His sister enrolled in the JBU Degree Completion Program a few years after Dann and is now a fellow JBU alumni.

Q. What brought you to JBU and the Degree Completion Program?
A. A desire to move into healthcare administration/management. Nursing is a great background for managing patients, but managing people requires a different skill set.  

Q. What was your experience in the program like?
A. One night a week was a small price to pay to reach my goals. Working with professionals with 'real-life' experience to draw upon opened my eyes to different approaches to challenges.  

Q. What would you say to someone who's considering the JBU Degree Completion Program?
A. Two years from now you can either have your degree or wonder if you're ever going to get a chance to get one. There isn't going to be a "perfect time" to return to school, but JBU offers high quality education, and the structure of the program is designed to minimize disruptions, making this the perfect program for working adults.

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