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Thursday, May 22, 2014

When his son was born, John Minton knew he wanted to set a great example by finishing his bachelor's degree. Last December, he graduated from JBU with a Degree in Organizational Management and now plans to pursue his master's degree in Leadership and Ethics at JBU.

John MintonQ.What brought you to JBU and the Degree Completion Program?
A. Five years ago, my son was born on Christmas Eve; he was my own personal Christmas miracle. I decided then that I was going to become the best possible version of myself I could be for him. In order to do this I had to right past wrongs, I needed to complete my bachelor’s degree to do this. I decided on JBU because integrity and ethics are cornerstones in my life, as well as being cornerstones of JBU and the education they provide.

Q. What was your experience in the program like?
A. In the JBU Degree Completion Program, you will build lasting friendships with the other members of your cohort. The program itself demands your best, pairing the core beliefs of JBU with real-world instructors who are well versed in both the subject matter and the practical application of the subject matter to everyday business.

Q. What would you say to someone who's considering the program?
A. I would tell them that JBU is one of the best choices I ever made, which is why I decided to complete my master’s degree in Leadership and Ethics at JBU. The professors and staff are invested in your success; their sincere approach to not only delivering a quality education but also turning out leaders of merit has no rival.

Q. Any plans for the future?
A. My future plans involve the completion of the MS Degree in Leadership and Ethics, I feel it offers the best chance for future success in both my career and my personal and emotional growth.



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