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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Online studentStudents are anxious this time of the year – the start of a new school year. I call it that “on-deck” feeling. Our students know that they are stepping up to the plate, digging their cleats into the dirt, and taking their first swing in the game of JBU Degree Completion Program and online education. Several of our students have been planning this start for a few months – some even years – while others are just realizing how close they are to finishing something they started several years ago. Whatever the students’ paths have been, they are all about to start the online program at JBU this fall.

So, what will class be like? What does this “high-touch & high-tech” description really mean for you? Will you be able to interact with fellow classmates? What will the degree do for you?

The questions keep mounting, but let me put some of those pesky, doubting questions at rest with these simple reminders, the three P’s:

  • Be prepared – pack your virtual backpack the night before by reviewing the syllabus and having your books already on hand. Plan your week and look at your calendar to verify any deadlines that may conflict with your schedule and decide how to ensure that your assignments are submitted in a timely fashion. Isn’t this what you would do if you were to be attending class in the classroom? 
  • Be persistent – keeping your school work in the forefront of your day will keep you on task and engaged in the program. Make the time for this program; you are investing your resources, energy, and time in this endeavor – so be conscious of your effort to be successful.
  • Keep your eye on the prize – graduation will be here before you know it. Our students finish our program because we have a great support system. Our professors are dedicated to our students and the mission of JBU. They are here to help and want you to be successful... just ask! The “high-touch” description indicates how involved our online program really is. Our professors are active in the courses and expect our students to be as involved as if you were in a classroom.

We know you may have questions about what to expect. That is what is so great about our online program here at JBU. One of your first two classes will be Orientation to Online Adult Learning. This course is when our students get acquainted with JBU history and online learning expectations. It is a class we have designed to help our students be successful online learners.

Welcome, new online students, welcome! We are thrilled you have chosen JBU to finish your degree. Our students become better individuals, not just better-qualified employees. Our students become part of a rich tradition that they will take with them wherever they choose to go. You may be miles from our campus, but just a “click” from someone who is here to help and happy to do it!

Elizabeth McKinleyElizabeth McKinley
Admissions Officer for Online Programs

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