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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It was first class for students in the NW89 Organizational Management (OM) cohort in Rogers last night. Here are some of the reasons why they chose to finish their degree atNW89 JBU:

  • I have a young child and I wanted to lead by example. I wanted him to know that education is important.
  • I wanted a Christian university.
  • The main campus is local. I’m familiar with JBU and its great reputation. I felt safe choosing a local university over one that’s only online.
  • Convenience – one night a week works for me.
  • I was tired off going and getting nowhere toward my degree. With this program, the end is in sight.
  • Reputation and convenience – JBU is ethical and Christian.
  • JBU understands my priorities and goals.
  • JBU has a reputation for caring about their students.
  • The staff is very accessible. Calls get returned. Emails get answered quickly.

Want to finish your degree in Org Management? Call us. We have another cohort beginning in April.

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