Admissions Appeal Process

Apply for admission consideration

For additional information regarding admissions appeal, please contact your admissions representative.

Appeal Letter

Applicants whose cumulative grade point average falls below 2.00/4.00 may appeal for special admission consideration into JBU Online. To petition for admission consideration, applicants should submit a letter to the Program Director outlining: (a) reason(s) for seeking admission into the program; and (b) a plan for successful completion of a bachelor’s degree.

Applicants whose cumulative grade point average falls below 2.00/4.00 who plan to seek federal financial aid must also appeal to the Financial Aid office. By checking the box below, your admissions appeal letter will automatically be sent to the Financial Aid office for review.

Your appeal letter should be written in formal business communication style, using complete sentences and proper grammar. In addition to outlining your reason(s) for requesting admission into the program, your letter should include details concerning any circumstances that led to lower grades, and explain how you will be successful in JBU Online.

Appeals should be submitted at least 14 days prior to the registration deadline for the semester for which you are applying. Admission approval does not guarantee an approval for aid.


Recommendation Forms

In addition to the appeal letter, the admissions committee solicits recommendations from 2-3 individuals who are not related to you who can speak to your scholarship and potential for success in the program. Please complete the form below so that the committee may contact the individuals for input.



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