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Congratulations on your acceptance into JBU Online! We're glad that you've chosen JBU, and we want to make your transition from applicant to college student a smooth one.

Now that you’re admitted to JBU, please review the information below about being a student in JBU Online. 


For all online classes, students are expected to login into each course in Blackboard to check the syllabus and work schedule, and complete all assignments for the week. The due date for assignments may not be extended for purposes of achieving attendance. In eight-week online courses, being counted absent for three sessions will result in a grade of "F."  An “absence” for online courses is defined in two ways (either of which will incur an absence):

  1. not turning in any assigned work for the week;
  2. not demonstrating evidence of reading assigned chapters or viewing assigned videos, tutorials, or other media posted by the professor. Evidence includes posting to discussion forums, responding to other students’ posts, and generally logging in to participate and engage in course materials. 

Online Late Assignment Policy: Students are required to submit all assignments when due. Homework is designed to prepare students for class collaboration. On a case-by-case basis, instructors may accept late work for partial credit at their own discretion. If late work is accepted, it is subject to a 10% point reduction per day late. In no event shall homework be accepted for credit if it is not submitted within seven days of the original due date.


Textbooks may be obtained through the JBU Bookstore - Slingshot, or on your own. Please review our textbook page for more detailed instructions.

New students will be opted in to our new book delivery service, Textbook Butler, which automatically sends your books based on your preferences. You can read more about that here.

If purchasing through the Slingshot, you will have four textbook options: (1) purchase new books; (2) purchase used books (if available); (3) rent books (if available); or (4) digital books. On average, used textbooks can be purchased for about 25% less than a new textbook, and textbooks can be rented for about half of the price of purchasing new textbooks. Books will be shipped directly to you on or around the registration deadline; you will verify your shipping address during registration.

Note: Renting textbooks requires a valid credit card that can be charged should the book(s) not be returned.  Students who wish to rent textbooks must register on the rental website

Please allow plenty of time to receive your books prior to the first week of class.

Degree Audit/Preliminary Transcript Evaluation

Your official audit can be found in the "Self-Service" area of EagleNet once it has been approved by the Registrar's Office.

Transferring courses        

If you have course(s) outside of your major that you need to take to fulfill graduation requirements (listed on your Degree Audit; see information above), be sure to seek approval from the Associate Registrar prior to enrollment to ensure the course will count toward graduation. JBU guarantees transfer of courses only with prior written approval of the Registrar’s Office.

The Approval to Transfer Credit (ATC) form is available online and can be submitted electronically, via fax, or by mail. Please allow at least one week for processing ATC requests.

Email Address           

Once you receive your JBU email address and temporary password information, please logon as soon as possible to verify that your account is active and working properly. You will need access to your account in order to register for classes.

You will need to logon to Blackboard a few days before your class starts for important information and any pertinent updates from your professor. 

Note: After you receive your JBU email logon information, all correspondence will be sent to your JBU email address. Please remember to check it frequently; it is very important that you read your email.

Financial Aid

If you plan to seek financial aid assistance – federal grants or student loans – please apply as soon as possible. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available online

If you have questions regarding your specific award for federal grants and loans, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 800-528-4723.

Please review JBU's Financial Aid policies in our catalog.

More information about financial aid is available on our website.

Deferral of Current Student Loans

If you are currently repaying student loans, you may qualify for loan deferment during enrollment. Should you wish to apply for deferment, you must complete a Loan Deferment Request from your lender. Most lenders have this form on their website. Once completed, submit the form to Julie McGarrah in the Registrar’s Office. You may fax the completed form to (479) 524-7278, email it to or mail it so that she can verify your enrollment once classes have begun.

Note: If your student loans are in default for any reason, you must remove the loans from default status prior to requesting deferment. Enrollment does not necessarily affect default status.

First Week of Class

Course information will be available on Blackboard the Monday before classes begin. The first assignment is due mid-week of the first week of class, so make sure you log onto Blackboard early in the week.


Tuition, fees and book costs are payable per term, not per course. There are four options for payment: (1) full pay – one lump sum with no financial aid; (2) payment plan – four payments per term ($50 fee); (3) financial aid – grants and loans; and (4) third-party payment – VA benefits, tuition assistance, or employer reimbursement. Full payment or payment arrangements must be made by the first day of class.

The JBU payment plan requires a 20% down payment then four additional payments. If you haven’t made other payment arrangements (including pending aid) by the first class date, you will be automatically enrolled in a payment plan with the down payment due at that time.

Payment may be made online via EagleNet or mailed the University Cashier (2000 West University Street, Siloam Springs, AR 72761).

E-check is the preferred means of online payment. JBU also accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for the payment of tuition and fees.

To contact the JBU Online Student Accounts Representative, email or call (479) 524-7398.

Tuition may be refunded on the following schedule:

  • 100% refund during the first week of class
  • 80% refund during the second week of class
  • 40% refund during the third week of class.
  • No refunds will be given after the third week of class. 


Before the registration deadline, you will receive an email from Tiffany Lopez, Associate Registrar, with registration instructions. We recommend that you print these instructions prior to registering for classes. Please register as soon as possible after you receive your registration email.

Veteran’s benefits    

Are you eligible for Veteran’s benefits? If so, you should apply with the VA at as soon as possible; it generally takes 30-90 days to process Veteran’s benefits. 

You should also contact the VA Certifying Official and express your intent to use your VA benefits.  If you are eligible for tuition assistance, you must provide the JBU Online Student Accounts Representative with an approved (signed by your Unit Commander or appropriate officer) copy of your course registration. 

JBU’s VA Certifying Official is Julie McGarrah: or (479) 524-7103.

Students planning to use VA benefits should research all benefit options prior to submitting their application with the VA. Students planning to use Post 9/11 benefits should be aware of the eligibility requirements for this benefit.