Prof. Named President-Elect of State Education Association

Siloam Springs, Ark (November 17, 2000) - Dr. Sandra Van Thiel, associate professor of teacher education at John Brown University has recently been elected president-elect of the Arkansas Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.

As president-elect, Van Thiel will serve as program chairperson to plan and implement the annual meeting of the ArACTE Conference for the state, as well as succeeding to the presidency. “My position in the ArACTE demonstrates that John Brown University wants to work collaboratively with the other colleges and universities, and have a positive effect on education in the state,” said Van Thiel.

As a member of the board of Arkansas ACTE for five years, Van Thiel was first appointed as a representative-at-large. In 2000 she was elected to a three year term by Arkansas ACTE members as a “dean” representing private institutions.

Van Thiel has also been asked to serve on the Arkansas Teacher Quality Task Force as the representative for private universities with teacher education programs. The purpose of this group is to develop a comprehensive strategy to attract, motivate, retain and focus high-caliber talent to the teaching profession in Arkansas. The Arkansas Department of Education sponsors the Arkansas Teacher Quality Task Force.

“This task force is important because it provides a forum not readily available to present the concerns of teacher education to the state for the appropriate development of quality teachers,” said Van Thiel. “My involvement lets others know that John Brown University cares about what is happening in the state and is willing to spend time and money to be involved.”

John Brown University is a private university with an enrollment of over 1,500 students from 46 states and 30 countries. JBU is a member of the Arkansas Independent Colleges and Universities and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

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