Center Integrates Leadership and Experiential Learning

Siloam Springs, Ark (August 7, 2000) - The Soderquist Leadership Center (SLC) at John Brown University took a giant step toward developing one of the premiere experiential learning facilities in the mid-west with the addition to its challenge course of two novel structures, a team development low-course and a treehouse diamond high-ropes course.

The Team Development course is comprised of a series of elements with such exotic names as the Bermuda Triangle, the Dreaded Divergence, the Hologram, and the Complex X. Participants endeavor to work together as a team to maneuver through the series of seven structures spanning a distance of 200 feet.

The treehouse diamond course is constructed of 60-foot utility poles that support ten high elements perched between 30 and 45 feet in the air. With safety ropes in place, participants may attempt these high elements individually or with a partner.

These structures will be used to integrate the experiential learning component into the leadership and development programs designed by the Soderquist Leadership Center. Construction was completed by Alpine Towers, Inc., an organization known around the globe for the innovative and quality challenge courses they design and construct. Previously, they built the Alpine Tower, a 50-foot tall wooden structure and the only one of its kind in Arkansas, on the SLC challenge course.

Over the past 10 months, nearly 1000 participants have utilized the Soderquist Leadership Center experiential learning program. Participants have included business professionals, emergency service personnel, middle and high school students, JBU students, athletic teams, church youth groups, and summer campers.

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