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The heart of JBU is our people. Here are their stories.

Hear about the lives of amazing people.

The heart of JBU is our PEOPLE – our students, alumni, faculty and staff. The JBU Stories podcast is where we get to introduce YOU to these amazing people and HEAR their stories. 

Season 1

Kevin Simpson-1 Episode 1
Dr. Kevin Simpson, professor of psychology
Dr. Kevin Simpson grew up fascinated with World War II. Through his work, he began to realize that psychology has something unique to offer in terms of answering some of the "why" questions.
Laura Merwin Episode 2
Laura Merwin '20, nursing major
As a freshman in high school, Laura Merwin was dealt a life-altering blow when doctors told her she had cancer. But God used that experience to not only grow her faith but to put her on a career path of ministering to others with similar needs.
Scott and Tasha-1 Episode 3
Scott and Tasha Jones
Scott and Tasha Jones graduated from JBU in 1996. They currently live with their children in Russia, where they serve at a Christian school.
Lynn Episode 4
Lynn Christensen
After finishing her MBA at JBU, Lynn Christensen took time to hike the historic El Camino, as well as study at the L'Abri Institute and have some time of reflection.


JBU Stories: The Gathering

Micah_Herrmann Episode 1
Micah Herrmann
In our first episode of JBU Stories: The Gathering, Micah Herrmann tackles eliminating hurry, busyness, and rest. 

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