JBU Devotional Book Project Example

The following is one example devotional submitted for the project.

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Encouraging the Possibilities

Proverbs 15:4

On the way to a friend's house I pass an abandoned, burned out house tagged with graffiti. Most people would see something worthless. Something that needs to be crushed and torn down.

I see possibilities. And I am fascinated. I long to get out and explore, but my fear of snakes keeps me safely in my minivan.

But I can envision what the house could be like with some gentle care. Maybe a new front porch and lovely shutters... a bright red door. Paint colors would be chosen with care, flowers planted to welcome visitors.

But, I am not so good at seeing the possibilities in people, especially my children. Instead I often get frustrated and focus on their negative behaviors, chiding them for leaving dirty dishes out and arguing over ridiculous things like which seat they will occupy on the couch during family movie night.

If I focus on the negative I easily become discouraged and my tongue often lashes out. Words said in haste have great potential to crush their spirit.

I don't want them to remember me as the mom who always nagged. Instead I want to see the possibilities. To envision the men and women they can become and guide them gently in that direction.


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