Photo: John Brown University Devotional

John Brown University Devotional

JBU Devotional Book Project

JBU is putting together a devotional book that features the work of alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends of the university. The goal is to end up with a collection of life lessons, reflections and devotionals that will encourage and energize the spiritual walk of those who read it.

Content requirements for each devotional submission:

  • Each one should be around 200-250 words
  • Multiple submissions are welcome
  • Include a scripture verse(s) - only the reference needs to be listed
  • Be a life application or topical, based on scripture or analysis of a passage of scripture

Devotionals that contain copyrighted material will not be accepted.

See example.

For more information or to submit your contribution, please

*Devotions will be reviewed by an editorial committee. The top selections will be included in the devotional.


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