Testing and Contact Tracing

JBU is working with local healthcare providers and other Arkansas schools to establish testing procedures if a case of COVID-19 is suspected. Currently the Arkansas Department of Health is encouraging testing for anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or who has been exposed to someone with COVID-19. There is currently adequate testing capacity to perform these tests.

The ADH has a system of contract tracing and if a positive COVID-19 is discovered at JBU, they would complete the contact tracing process. For more info, click here.

In the event that a student needs to be quarantined, JBU has reserved approximately 100 on-campus beds for this purpose. Students would follow quarantine guidelines established by the ADH and JBU. Food service would be provided by JBU and Rhonda Hostler, JBU’s director of health services, would monitor student health. Students will be able to continue to participate in classes and work with their professors to complete their coursework.