Music and Theatre FAQ

Music and Theatre

Where will I have my voice lessons?
All voice lessons will happen remotely via zoom for the Fall 2020 semester. There are 5 designated applied voice rooms throughout the department. You will be assigned a lesson time slot and a room. These rooms are equipped with the technology needed to make sure lessons are as successful as possible. You will not be allowed to do your lesson from any other location unless you are experiencing symptoms or have been quarantined. 

How will I rehearse with my accompanist?
You will rehearse with your accompanist in one of the applied voice rooms via zoom. Your accompanist will be in a separate room.

What is the plan for jazz ensemble?
Jazz ensemble will meet in BPAC 147. This room will have clear, distanced “positions” marked on the floor. All ensemble members will remain in these positions and will be instructed on instrument bell coverings. All students will wear a mask while playing (with a small slit made in them in order to play) and will face the same direction. All spit will be emptied into separate containers and removed by the student 

What is the plan for instrumental chamber winds and strings?
These ensembles will not meet for the Fall 2020 semester.

What is the plan for Red Steps?
Red Steps will meet regularly in BPAC 147. This room will have clear, distanced “positions” marked on the floor. All ensemble members will remain in these positions, as will their individual equipment. All ensemble members will face the same direction.

What is the plan for Cathedral Choir?
Cathedral Choir will be separated into small chamber ensembles of 8-10 singers. Each small ensemble will rehearse in the BPAC auditorium with masks on. Repertoire, performance and specific rehearsal plans are forthcoming.

What is the plan for Women’s Chorus?
Women’s chorus will rehearse with masks on in the BPAC auditorium. 

What is the plan for Chapel Bands?
Chapel Bands will not meet for the Fall 2020 semester. Chapel leaders and a few other students will lead the music for chapel this semester.

How will practice rooms work?
You will be scheduled for a practice time in the practice rooms. Air purifiers have been installed for greater safety. Students will need to make sure the purifier is on when they enter the practice room. Students will need to wipe down all surfaces upon entering and exiting a practice room. Each practice room will need to “air out” between users. Because of this, it is imperative students only practice at a scheduled time. 

Can we still have a locker?
Yes. We will still assign lockers. It is the responsibility of the students not to share lockers and to wipe down the surfaces as often as possible. 

How will recital attendance work?
All of recital attendance will be online this semester. You will receive a list of possible concerts/performances to watch for credit. We are working on possible opportunities for outdoor department-wide, distanced viewing of certain performances that would be required. You will not have to write anything about the performances. You will have to send a picture of computer screen with the title of the performance to the email address.

Will Candlelight happen?
Candlelight, as we know it, will not happen. It is our hope to pre-record several performances from our ensembles to put together a Christmas performance to be released for streaming around the normal Candlelight weekend.

Will there be a fall musical?
There will be a music theatre production of some kind this semester, likely pre-recorded and released for streaming online. Specifics for this production are still in process.

Will there be a fall play?
The presentation of live theatre will not be allowed this semester. As such, Josiah has decided that the most productive “theatrical activity” we can do is collaboratively create a performance piece. The performance piece will likely be presented online in some manner during the semester, but the exact details of this will take shape as we move forward. Students will audition to be a part of the ensemble, and then work collaboratively to create the piece – all/any JBU student are encouraged to audition. This type of creative collaborative process was the number one challenger/transformer of my theatrical talents when I (Josiah) was in college.   

How will piano lessons work?
Piano lessons will take place in Dr. Whitley’s studio, in person, with distanced pianos. Masks must be worn during all lessons. 

Will there be studio classes?
Piano studio class will happen with distanced seating in Jones Recital Hall. Instrumental studio class will happen with distanced seating in BPAC 147. Voice studio class will happen remotely via zoom. More details to come for voice students.

Will we still be able to do homework in the mac lab?
The stations in the mac lab are now distanced. You may do homework in the mac lab, but you must remain in distanced positions with masks on. The music library will not be open during the Fall 2020 semester.

Will we sing in Musicianship class?
All sight-singing planned in any class will happen outside. More details from faculty members when you get to your classes.

Who is conducting the choral ensembles?
Mr. Steven Hamilton will be conducting all choral ensembles for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Will the Community Arts Academy remain open?
All CAA group classes are canceled for the Fall 2020 semester (Musikgarden, Drama Camp, Children’s Choir). Applied lessons will be available remotely via online platform.

Can I get a key to a practice room if I am not a music major, music minor, or in applied lessons?
Because of Covid guidelines, all practice sessions are scheduled at specific times to allow for rooms to air out between singers/instrumentalists.  Therefore, only students enrolled in applied lessons or courses that require practice times will be allowed to use the practice rooms during the 20-21 school year. 

Can my band rehearse in the ensemble room or in the BPAC band room?
Because of Covid guidelines, only ensembles associated with a JBU course will be allowed to rehearse in JBU classrooms.  The class ensembles must be scheduled by a corresponding faculty member and follow all safety and distancing guidelines outlined in the syllabus for each ensemble.