What are the plans for intercollegiate athletics this year?
We have informed our student athletes that JBU has decided to postpone all intercollegiate athletic competition until at least January 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Athletic teams will continue to practice and condition in small groups under the supervision of their coaches until September 21 at which time we will evaluate whether we can expand practice to larger groups for the remainder of the fall semester.

A vast majority of colleges and universities in the U.S., both in the NAIA and all three divisions of NCAA, have postponed their intercollegiate athletic competitions until at least January 2021 because of the uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and the possible spread of the virus through athletic competition.

The NAIA, the athletic association in which JBU is a member, has postponed all fall national championships until the spring. In addition, only games played in the spring will count for Sooner Athletic Conference standings or for qualifying for the conference tournament. ​Accordingly, JBU athletic teams are still eligible for all post-season play in the spring.

We recognize that this decision is disappointing for our student-athletes (and their fans), but we believe that it is in their best interest and the best interest of maintaining on-campus instruction this fall. Coaches will be working closely with their student-athletes to prepare for successful seasons after January 1. The Sooner Athletic Conference is working on spring schedules, and we will publish them as soon as they are available.

Updated September 2, 2020

What about club sports?
Club sports are in a “wait and see posture,” as they will follow the guidance from the ADH and JBU’s intercollegiate sports programs (see above). In addition, they will follow guidance from the governing bodies of their club programs.

Updated July 27, 2020  

Will we have intramurals this fall?
Yes, we are currently working on intramural games that meet the current ADH criteria for sporting events. We will not have flag football, but we are finalizing fun ways to have competition and engagement. Kickball anyone?

Updated July 27, 2020  

Is the Walton Lifetime Health Complex open?
Yes, the WLHC is open to the JBU community as well as those who have community memberships. They have adjusted which machines are available to use to help with spacing, and there are specific cleaning instructions posted. Masks must be worn inside the building except while exercising. There are currently no contact games allowed in WLHC. That includes basketball, volleyball, soccer, racquetball or wallyball. This mandate is from the Arkansas Dept. of Health.

There will potentially be hours that WLHC weight rooms/cardio rooms will be closed to students. More information to come and hours will be posted at the entrances. This is so we can offer our paid community members up to a 2-hour block of opportunity to work out in the limited space we have for weight and cardio machines.

We have moved 5 cardio machines outside the two weight rooms. The rowers are downstairs to the west of racquetball courts. Two ellipticals and an exercise bike have also been moved outside the Lazboy Weight Room on the south end near the Campus Entrance.  Cardio and weight machines closed for physical distancing are clearly marked.

A full list of restrictions with the WLHC can be seen here

Updated August 3, 2020