Spring Schedule Announcement

Dear JBU Students,

Last week the JBU faculty voted to approve this Spring 2021 academic calendar proposed by the administration.

Spring Calendar

January 4-29   Winter Session of JBU at Home

February 1       First day of Spring Courses

May 14            Last Day of TUG Classes

May 17-20       TUG Final Exams

May 22            Commencement (tentative)

(A full calendar with course add and drop dates can be found here.)

In determining the academic calendar, our primary goal was to best fulfill JBU’s mission while keeping faculty, staff and students as safe as possible during the pandemic. We want to maximize our opportunity for in-person instruction in the spring semester, but we are also assuming that we will still be under COVID-19 protocols for much of the semester. Accordingly, this new calendar seeks to minimize the time that we are on campus during the coldest weather without extending the end of the spring semester too far into May.  We think that is wise for the following reasons:

Flu Season: While the flu can circulate year-round, the peak activity happens between December and February. As many of the flu symptoms are the same as COVID-19, this will potentially greatly increase the number of students quarantined and isolated while COVID-19 results are pending. There is also the possibility that students could acquire flu and COVID simultaneously which may lead to more adverse health results for students.

Weather: We have had beautiful weather so far this fall, and having students enjoy activities, social time and even classes outside has helped limit exposure while still having an active campus life. We also know that spending more time indoors increases the risk of COVID-19 spread. Obviously, it will be increasingly difficult to be outside in the winter months, so we are seeking to minimize that time on campus during those months.

Still End Spring Semester in May: We thought that it was still important to end our spring semester in May, so we decided not to extend the start beyond February 1, even though it will still be winter in February. We have eliminated three weeks in January and only added two weeks in May by reducing our break in the spring to two days. The semester will conclude 10 days before Memorial Day, which should still allow students plenty of time to be available for summer internships in businesses or camps. 

Limiting Travel Exposure: By forgoing Spring Break we can limit the potential exposure of students who travel across the U.S. and then return to campus. We will schedule two days of break somewhere in the semester, and we will announce those dates soon.

Redeem the Time with JBU at Home in January: We realize that some students might want to “redeem” the time of the extended winter break to make progress on their degree.  Accordingly, JBU will be offering approximately 10-15 online core courses during the month of January at a discounted rate of $300 a credit hour. Students can enroll in one course during that month. 

We know that you may have specific questions related to this announcement, so we’ve created an FAQ. If your question is not answered there, please fill out the form here.



Julie Gumm

Director of University Marketing & Communication