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This information is subject to change as guidelines and directives from the ADH are modified.


Move-In & Orientation

When is move-in?
New student move-in will be August 11 and 12. Returning students will be welcome to come back to campus August 13-16. Students will need to sign up for move-in slots. More information will be available soon. 

When can student leaders come to campus?
Supervisors will communicate with student leaders the appropriate dates and times. These times will also be available on the Important Dates page soon.

What about student leader move-in? 
This will likely be staggered, and these students will receive communication from their supervisors. 

Will orientation look different?
Yes. More information will be forthcoming, but in general we are planning a more structured move-in time with limited number of people coming to campus. In addition, we will be organizing the orientation programming into smaller groups to limit the potential for exposure. To be sure though, we are working hard to keep some of the signature components of orientation under the new state guidelines.

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International Students

Will I or those students coming from abroad (including but not limited to international students) be required to self-quarantine for 14 days before coming back to campus?
Arkansas has lifted the requirement for the 14-day quarantine for all students arriving from outside the USA. The move-in date for all new international and MK students is August 11. New international and MK orientation is August 12. 

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Academics & Spiritual Formation

If class sizes and class locations are being adjusted, will my class schedule change? What about December graduates who don't have any flexibility?
We are working very hard to not change any class meeting times from what was scheduled. For a December graduate we will work with them to make sure they can meet their requirements some way. 

Will there be an option to just attend all of our classes online?
If you are interested in this option, please contact Becky Weimer in the registrar's office so we can discuss your situation.

How will we attend chapel and will chapel attendance be required?
Yes, chapel will still be a central part of our life on campus and will still be required. But due to the restrictions on large group gatherings, chapel will most likely be streamed live with a smaller audience in the chapel building and the remaining students will be organized into smaller chapel groups to watch and discuss the chapel context. How these groups will be organized is TBD.

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Residence Life

How will the food service/the cafeteria work?
One of the major changes will be an expanded carry out program and pre-ordering of food that will reduce the need to enter the cafeteria. We will have exterior seating near the dining hall, so you can grab your prepared food and eat outside. In addition, we have reorganized entrance and exits along with providing appropriate spacing of tables and chairs inside the Cafe. 

What will be different in my residence hall?
Community is still one of the most important aspects of the JBU experience and students living on campus. We are trying to strike a balance between normal access and reducing the potential of spreading the virus. Access to the residence hall will be limited to only those students living in the residential space which most likely will include limiting visitation (open dorms) and even encouraging students to limit visitation from one suite/floor to another. This limitation may decrease our need to quarantine students if or when someone from the living area is exposed to COVID-19.

How will social distancing impact my time with my friends?
It is difficult to predict exactly how the campus community will have to respond to the 6 foot social distancing, but the current directive is to remain separated by 6 feet to limit the potential exposure to others who may have the virus. 

Will room & board fees be adjusted because of the new fall calendar?
While there will be approximately a one-week difference in the number of days students live in residence halls this fall, the preparations required for JBU to provide a safe and healthy environment for our students necessitates the investment of funds. While we are not increasing the charges for tuition, room and board, we will use the room and board charges for that one week to fund these needed changes in the wider campus and in the dining room.

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Athletics & Intramurals

Will there be athletics in the fall?
JBU is receiving guidance from the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) on returning to play. The NAIA has established a minimum threshold of 50% of schools being allowed to compete by their states. If that is met, team practice cannot begin before Saturday, August 15, and the first game cannot be held before Saturday, September 5. The NAIA is currently working on health, safety, and fan protocols.

Will we have intramurals?
Yes, we are currently working on intramural games that meet the current ADH criteria for sporting events.  We may not have flag football, but we are working hard to find fun ways to have competition and engagement.

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Will there be a fall commencement?
Under the current ADH guidelines (33% occupancy of any venue) we are not able to realistically hold a commencement ceremony. We are hopeful that Arkansas will move into Phase 2 later this summer or early fall and then we can begin to look at a commencement ceremony. It would most likely be held the Saturday before Thanksgiving but it is likely that attendance would have to be limited somewhat and/or involve a livestream to multiple venues on campus.

When will the postponed spring commencement be?
Under the current ADH guidelines (33% occupancy of any venue) we are not able to hold a commencement ceremony. As we move to Phase 2 or 3 we will re-evaluate commencement plans.

What will student activities look like?
We are still working on student activities that meet ADH guidelines, but college students are creative and we will find ways to spend time together having fun and building our community. 

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COVID-19 Preparation & Requirements

Will all students be informed of all people who test positive for COVID-19? To what extent can a JBU student (or should a JBU student) keep their positive test result private?
It will be public knowledge that a student tested positive, but the student’s identity will not be revealed. 

Also, will masks be provided if they are required?
We may provide one mask for students but they should also bring additional masks in accordance with how often they'll want to wash their masks. 

How will people who are quarantined get their food from the dining hall?
JBU currently has a food delivery procedure in place for students who are quarantined with the flu. We will follow a similar procedure in any COVID-19 cases. 

What additional sanitization processes will be in place for the fall?
Custodial staff have been equipped with additional sanitization equipment that will enable them to sanitize larger spaces more thoroughly and efficiently. We will dramatically increase our sanitization schedule.  In addition, we have added hand sanitization stations across campus and in particular in high-traffic areas like doorways. We also have added sanitizing wipe buckets in locations across campus where anyone can grab a wipe and sanitize copy machine keypads, keyboards, table tops, etc.

Will we adjust the policies as new regulations from the government emerge?
Yes, we will update the university policies as new directives from the government are issued.

Who will be enforcing all of these new expectations?
We all will be holding each other accountable for the safety of those at higher risk, the health of ourselves and the protection of the community.

What travel restrictions will be in place?
As already mentioned, we will be holding class on Labor Day Break and there will be no Fall Break. In addition, we are encouraging students, faculty and staff to limit their travel in order to reduce the possibility of bringing the virus back to campus. The CDC has guidelines on what to do after international travel, and we will be asking all of our community members to monitor and adjust their travel to protect themselves and the campus community.

Will there be repercussions for students who refuse or simply fail to adhere to social distancing guidelines?
The community covenant along with the expanded COVID covenant are documents that serve the purpose of helping our community live well together. To be sure, they require mutual sacrifice, but they also provide mutual benefits. Any time students willfully or negligently break the covenant the members of our community, as outlined in scripture, should work to correct and restore that person. Eventually, if a student continues to choose to violate the community expectations the university staff may need to engage in student discipline. We have always worked to be restorative in the discipline process and we will continue to do so with these new realities.

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Will Walker Student Center be open?
Yes, with social distancing guidelines. We don't anticipate having to close any areas of campus.

Will visitors be allowed on campus?

The JBU campus is not closed to visitors, but we are taking active steps to decrease the number of times members of Siloam Springs and NWA come to JBU. For example, we are severely limiting the number of outside events we host at JBU and would only do so if we can avoid interaction between the guests and JBU community members. No one should come on campus if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and they will be expected to wear a mask in public spaces when social distancing is difficult.

As students go out into our community to shop, dine and attend church, we ask that you adhere to social distancing and mask guidelines for the protection of our larger community.

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