Employee Vaccine FAQ

If I am concerned that I could have an allergic reaction to the vaccine, what should I do?
Please feel free to consult with your physician but it is standard practice to monitor individuals for a time after they have been vaccinated.

Can I get vaccinated at Harp’s or another pharmacy instead of at JBU?
You are welcome to get vaccinated at the location of your choice but our current information indicates that there are already long waitlists at other locations. Also, the more people we have signed up to be vaccinated at JBU, the more likely we are to get a special clinic on campus.

If I get vaccinated, do I still have to wear a mask indoors at JBU?
Yes. Right now, the CDC guidelines state that vaccinated individuals should still wear masks and continue to physically distance. JBU also realizes the importance of remaining consistent in our protocols for the simplicity in modeling for our students. 

Can family members of JBU employees be vaccinated in Phase 1-B?
Unfortunately, no. This phase just allows for the employees. However, we are collecting cell phone numbers during the registration in case we end up with open vials at the vaccination clinic that must be used up. In that instance, we may contact employees to make those vaccines available to family members. 

Can I get vaccinated if I live outside of Arkansas?
If you live in neighboring Oklahoma or Missouri you are welcome to come to the JBU vaccine clinic to receive a vaccine. For those living in other states, we assume you will need to wait until your state begins vaccinating higher education workers.

How long will Phase 1-B last?
A group is considered complete when 80% of those eligible have received the vaccine or requests for appointments have been declining. So, the more people that get vaccinated quickly, the faster the state can move to the next group.

Which vaccine will be given?
We will not know until the day of the clinic and we do not have a say in which vaccine is given. 

How will we receive the second dose of the vaccine?
We don’t yet know the procedure for receiving the second dose, but we anticipate that it will be in similar clinic format on JBU’s campus.

If I do not get vaccinated during Phase 1-B, can I get vaccinated in the next phase?
Not necessarily. If you do not receive a vaccine during this phase you will lose your priority status and have to wait until the next phase under which you meet the requirements.

What if I’m not sure if I want to get the vaccine?
We understand that it may be difficult given the wide variety of information circulating and the difficulty in knowing what is reliable information and what is not. Here are a few suggested resources for you:

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