Employee COVID-19 Testing FAQ

Who needs to be tested?
All faculty, staff, students and vendor employees need to be tested. In addition, adjunct professors who teach in-person classes must also be tested.

Will testing be required for Rogers Center and Little Rock employees?
Yes. These employees are welcome to come to the main campus or secure testing through an alternate site. If you have difficulty securing a test, please contact askhr@jbu.edu

If I am still fully working from home, do I still need to be tested?
If you are not coming to campus at all, please speak to your vice president about an exemption.

Will the COVID-19 test differentiate between active infection versus residual antibodies from recovered cases?
Yes. The PCR test being administered at JBU only detects active infections.

If I have been vaccinated, am I still required to test?
Yes, because a person can become infected after only one dose of the vaccination (and most people have only had one dose).  In addition, even with two doses of the vaccination, the research right now is not clear about whether you can still spread the virus to others. The vaccination primarily protects the person being vaccinated, and not necessarily the people with whom they come into contact.

If I have been vaccinated, will I test positive on the test? 
The CDC website says that vaccination should not trigger a positive test.