Classroom and Academic Accommodations

This information is subject to change as guidelines and directives from the ADH are modified.

Several changes are being made to provide JBU students with a quality academic experience that meets the ADH directives and prepares for potential quarantine measures.

Classrooms have been evaluated and will be reconfigured to adhere to the 33% occupancy or 6-foot distancing policies. This means that some classes may be moved to different rooms and we will be using other spaces on campus for classes such as BPAC, Simmons A & C, etc. 

In some classes, plexiglass shields may be installed in front of the podium and spaces marked off to remind students of social distancing spacing when interacting with professors.

A number of OWL 360-Degree Smart Cameras have been purchased for use in classrooms. These cameras automatically highlight and shift to different speakers in a room and can be integrated with Zoom. In the event that students are quarantined for illness, they can use Zoom to conference into the live class and the OWL camera will provide them with a view of the faculty instruction as well as student participation.