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JBU Creates Transformational Experiences

By Jerry Rollene
6/28/2018 4:47:43 PM

Jerry Rollene Every time I meet with alumni, there is someone who has had a “transformational” experience while here at JBU. Not all of us came to JBU because of its commitment to Biblical principles. Some were required to come and others came thinking JBU was just like the church we attended back home, religious and comfortable. What we all found when we got here was that there were professors, administrators, and other students who believed in and lived out the motto “Christ Over All.” Who believed that nothing was more important than committing your life to Christ and serving Him.

The relationships we built here, the connections we found at JBU, caused a change in so many of our lives, and that is still happening for the students who walk the campus today. Dr. Pollard and his wife Carey are constantly hosting students, alumni, faculty and staff at their home. Dr. Pollard teaches an English class and speaks in Chapel regularly. (If you want to read his Chapel sermons, he has recently compiled some of them in a book, May It Always Be True.) Professors continue the tradition of inviting students to their homes for a meal.

While they maintain the campus, the grounds crew members mentor the work study students assigned to them. Discipleship ministry staff and student ministry teams provide a plethora of opportunities to build strong relationships while serving others.

One of the “dangers” of graduating from JBU is that we lose touch with many of the people that have impacted our lives.
The Alumni and Parent Relations office is here to help you not only reconnect with JBU alumni, but connect you with other alumni who have similar ministry and life passions. We believe that your fellow alumni can become a tremendous resource for continued transformation through synergistic relationships. We, therefore, will be introducing additional tools this coming year on the JBU Alumni Website to make it easier for you to connect with JBU friends and classmates, as well as find those who share similar interests.

Also, I encourage you to take advantage of the new committee of the Alumni Board, “Committed To Care” (see the insert in the “In Memoriam”). They are fellow alumni who want to pray for and help you through any difficult or exciting transitions in life.

As you go through 2012, I’d encourage you to let God continue the transforming work He started when you were here at JBU.

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