Edwards Named New Director of Alumni, Parent Relations

2002 JBU Graduate Looks Forward to Role

By Shelby Lawson ’17
6/28/2018 4:47:45 PM

Since graduating from JBU with a degree in youth ministry in 2002, Brad Edwards has been immersed in the world of vocational ministry. He received a Master’s of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary shortly thereafter and has since spent his time in youth ministry in Siloam Springs. 

While here Edwards has watched how his wife Jen, assistant professor of worship arts, has been graciously established into the community of faculty and staff at JBU.

As the new Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, Edwards will finally have the opportunity to experience that welcoming community for himself.

April Moreton, senior director of development, anticipates that much of Edwards’s experience in ministry will transfer seamlessly to his new job, such as the skills he has in Christ-oriented work and relationship-building.

“Brad brings to his new position a keen ability to effectively engage a wide variety of people, from youth to the elderly,” Moreton added. She added that she believes Edwards’s natural gifts of hospitality and connectedness will serve JBU’s alumni and parents very well.

The transition from vocational ministry is a significant change for Edwards but he is excited to take on the challenge. Edwards described the two positions as sharing fundamental similarities that will be advantageous as he traverses the new day-to-day terrain. 

“I think JBU’s mission beautifully captures what it means to be a disciple of Jesus,” he explained, which is not far from the day-to-day ideology and objectives he is already familiar with.

Edwards is ready for the opportunities that lie ahead of him and is eager to find new ways to serve the university and promote its mission. 

“I am very excited to get to know and connect with the alumni and parents of JBU. I can’t wait to hear their stories, remind them of why they love JBU, help them stay connected…and share with them all of the exciting ways that God is at work on campus,” Edwards said.

Edwards recalled that one of the most significant parts of his student experience at JBU was the holistically-focused mission that helped cultivate JBU’s signature culture. “My four years at JBU were foundational for my growth as a follower of Christ, a leader, a man and eventually as a husband and father. I want to do what I can for others to have that same opportunity.”

Brad can be reached a bedwards@jbu.edu.

Edwards Family

Brad and Jen Edwards with their two boys - Reece, 12, and Mason, 8.

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