Children’s Author Releases Fifth Book in ‘God Bless’ Series

Canceled Editor Meeting Leads to Surprising Opportunity

By Megan Perkins ’18
6/28/2018 4:47:45 PM

What happens when God redirects your goals and leads you down a different path? When Hannah Hall ’05, arrived at a writer’s conference in 2012 to pitch her picture book, “Would a Worm Go on a Walk?” to her ideal editor she was met with disappointment.

“Unfortunately, I found out the day I got to the conference that the editor I was certain was going to love my story, hand me a contract on the spot and make us both rich and famous, didn’t end up coming to the conference,” said Hall.

Instead, Hall’s met with a different editor, one who she knew had no interest in picture books. But out of that meeting came an invitation to compose a bedtime board book for preschoolers. Thus, Hall’s popular “God Bless” series was conceived with the first book, “God Bless You and Good Night” releasing in November 2013.

In November 2015, Hall released the fifth installment in the series, “God Bless Our Fall.” The series was created to “communicate the message that God is always good and always kind and cares deeply for His creation,” said Hall. The newest book continues Hall’s vision of producing “tiny bits of theology for tiny little readers.”

A mother of four young children, Hall credits the inspiration for all of her writing endeavors to her kids. She even admits that many lines found in the God Bless books came straight out of their mouths.

The success of Hall’s series has not only provided her with an opportunity to cultivate and affirm spiritual truths in the lives of preschoolers, but has also allowed her to minister to fellow moms through her blog and speaking engagements.

Hall plans to release two additional books in the series in 2016: “God Bless Our Country” will be released in February and “God Bless My Friends” in the fall.

Her originally rejected picture book, “Would a Worm Go on a Walk?” finally found a publishing home and will be released in April 2016. Hall said she hopes the book will spur good conversations between parents and children about God’s creation and that it will give kids a Biblical response to the worldview that things on earth came about by accident.

As a writer, Hall’s foremost aim is to declare God’s glory and character. “I’ll write for four-year olds or for 40-year-olds, I don’t care. If I get to write about God, I could go on forever,” said Hall.

Hannah with her husband Josh and children Nate (held by Josh), Hattie, Edy and Christian.

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