Performance Opportunities

Showing the Skills You Learn

Cathedral Choir

The Cathedral Choir is John Brown University's most prestigious music ensemble. The Choir's reputation for excellence has led to performance tours all over the U.S. and in Northern Ireland.

In addition to annual tours, the Cathedral Choir is featured every December in the magnificent Christmas Candlelight Service, JBU’s signature holiday performance event.

The Cathedral Choir is an audition-only ensemble, open to students of all majors across campus. The Choir rehearses four days a week (MWF and Thurs) in the Berry Performing Arts Center choral rehearsal hall.

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Headphones I Will Come to You (MP3, 4.1MB)
Headphones If Ye Love Me (MP3, 3.4MB)
Headphones O Crux (MP3, 8.2MB)
Headphones A Mighty Fortress (MP3, 4.5MB)

Chapel Bands

Six JBU Chapel Bands are responsible for leading the JBU community in corporate worship three times per week. These bands consist of students of all majors and are primarily led by Worship Arts Majors and Minors. While they may vary in style, JBU Chapel Bands are indefinitely committed to theological integrity, creativity, servant leadership and excellence.

Auditions for JBU Chapel Bands happen at the beginning of each Fall Semester, and each of the six bands play together for the entire academic year. Specific time commitments and audition requirements for JBU Chapel Bands can be found here.

Women's Chorus

University Women's Chorus is designed for students that enjoy singing a variety of music from different historical periods and genres of choral literature. This choir provides a supportive, fun environment for learning, while also being committed to musical excellence. Above all, Women's Chorus serves as an opportunity for students to worship together in a choral setting. This choir is featured each Christmas season in the annual Candlelight Service, which is the most celebrated performance event in the JBU Music Department. The choir also performs an annual spring concert. Members are required to audition at the beginning of each semester. The chorus rehearses twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) with an additional student-led sectional rehearsal.

Chamber Orchestra 

Since 2008, the instrumental ensemble has functioned as the Chamber Orchestra. This ensemble performs two concerts each year. The concert in the fall is held following Thanksgiving break, and members of the orchestra may also have the opportunity to participate in the Christmas Candlelight Service. It has become a tradition that each spring the Chamber Orchestra and the Jazz Ensemble perform a joint concert called “Instrumentalists Unite!”

The Chamber Orchestra is scheduled to meet three hours each week and is an audition-only group. Instrumentation includes string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Small instrumental scholarships are available. Click here to schedule an audition.

Headphones Poem for Orchestra with Guitar (MP3, 3.4MB)

Jazz Ensamble 

An ensemble designed to give woodwind, brass, and percussion instrumentalists performance opportunities in the genres of jazz and pop music. The group performs at home ball games and other venues. Two hours of rehearsal each week in addition to performances. Audition required. 


Students are given the opportunity to showcase their talents in solo recitals during their Junior and Senior years. These recitals from our talented young vocalists, pianists and instrumentalists represent the fruit of diligent study and hard work, and are always anticipated events. Recitals are generally held in the spring semester. Please refer to the Music & Drama Calendar for upcoming recitals.

Red Steps Band

JBU students gather in the Cathedral of the Ozarks for chapel services several times a week. During those services, chapel bands lead the JBU body in musical worship from a stage at the top of six red steps. The Red Steps is a band committed to taking the musical worship of JBU down those red steps and out to people, coffee shops, schools, and churches around the country. This band communicates the mission and ministry of JBU through testimony, music, and informal conversation, and, in doing so, recruits more students to find their place in the JBU story.

The Red Steps is a band of four to six students chosen through highly competitive auditions. The band is led by the director of admissions, Hannah Bradford, and travels through the academic school year.

Listen to the Red Steps

The Red Steps recorded an album in 2011 which is available on iTunes. They also released a new single in November 2014 "Blind to Darkness." 

Meet the Band

Jonah Thornton
Jonah Thornton

Greetings and salutations! My name is Jonah Thornton and I am a guitarist and vocalist for Red Steps. I am a Sophomore Worship Arts (Guitar Emphasis) major and English minor here at JBU. My hobbies include vinyl record collecting, synthesizers, poetry, and disc golf. As a music enthusiast, you'll often find me drooling audio technology, or binging cartoons (every morning is Saturday morning.) Other mildly interesting facts about me, I wear baseball caps, really love milkshakes, the duck is my favorite animal, and I love tattoos. Cheers, friends.

Jonathan Radloff
Jonathan Radloff

Hey-o! My name’s Jonathan Radloff, bassist for the Red Steps, and I’m a freshman this year in the Outdoor Leadership Ministries program. I spent the past two-ish years living in eastern Texas at a Christian youth camp named Cho-Yeh (chō-yay) but grew up in southeast Wisconsin––a cheesehead at heart––at another Christian youth camp called Timber-lee. Although predominantly known for being a huge outdoorsman, walking everywhere barefoot, and being able to climb just about anything (a lot of people call me Tarzan, for good reason), I have a strong zeal for camping ministry, play a myriad of musical instruments, and enjoy spending my free time learning new and somewhat random, but always useful, skills: I’m loving all the opportunities for my passions here at JBU!

Nathan Schieffer
Nathan Schieffer

Hello, friends. My name is Nathan Schieffer. I'm a sophomore graphic design major, and I play keys for The Red Steps! I have been playing the piano since I was three so I can hold my own. If you want to talk to me about sports I can probably hold a conversation for a little while, but not for too long. My skee ball high score is 72,000 (the highest possible is 90,000). I recently discovered sushi. Those are the only fun facts about me.

Chipper Via
Chipper Via
Elise Collingsworth
Elise Collingsworth
John Rhodes
John Rhodes