Community Arts Academy

Providing opportunities for residents of NWA to experience and excel in music and theatre. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, no group classes will be offered this fall. Individual lessons will be available.

Private Music Lessons

Private lessons are available for piano, guitar, violin, percussion, and trombone/euphonium. Lessons will be offered on the JBU campus unless pandemic protocols require a shift to virtual or alternate sites. Please complete a New Student Inquiry Form to receive more information. 

The Fall 2021 Session will include 12 lessons (one lesson per week) beginning August 23. (See CAA Policy and Procedure document for further information on cancellation/refund policies.)


All private lessons require a registration fee each semester to cover administrative and facility use fees. The registration fee is $15 per student, or $20 per family. This fee should be paid after a schedule has been arranged with the private instructor, and before the first lesson. Tuition payments may be paid in full or divided into three equal monthly payments due on September 1, October 1, and November 1.

Tuition cost for lessons is based on the qualifications of the instructor. Families may request the level of instructor desired, but not all requests can be met due to limited availability of instructors. The tuition fee schedule is as follows:

Lesson Length

JBU Faculty Instructor

College Graduate/Young Professional
(Violin, Piano, Percussion, Trombone/Euphonium)

JBU Undergraduate Student, When Available

30 minutes $249, or 3 payments of $83 $189, or 3 payments of $63 $150, or 3 payments of $50
45 minutes $366, or 3 payments of $122 $279, or 3 payments of $93 $222, or 3 payments of $74
60 minutes $498, or 3 payments of $166 $378, or 3 payments of $126 $300, or 3 payments $100


Siloam Springs Community Children's Choir

Siloam Springs Community Children's Choir has been suspended for Fall 2021.  


Early Childhood Music Classes

Early Childhood Music classes (Musikgarten) have been suspended for Fall 2021.