Careers and Opportunities

Utilizing Your Degree

Youth Ministry Careers

  • Local Church Youth Pastor
  • Para-church Music Program Coordinator
  • Christian Camp Leader
  • Overseas Missions Youth Director
  • Christian School Teacher

Local Opportunities

  • Minister in a local church - become a youth group or worship leader
  • Lead a Passion (Bible study) group on campus
  • Join philosophical, apologetic and Bible studies at the homes of various professors
  • Join a CAUSE ministry — Christian Ambassadors United for Service and Evangelism
  • Work with various non-profit organizations and local outreach programs
  • Present papers at academic conferences alongside faculty

International Opportunities

Study abroad in irelandYou can spend a summer working with an archeological excavation in Jordan, uncovering the ancient city of Abila of the Decapolis, scuba diving in the Red Sea, camping in the desert of Wadi Rum and more! For more information visit our International Programs Office.

Students can also spend a semesters studying abroad with the world's bright minds.







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