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After the Classroom

Brit Windel '08

Standing where I am now, my JBU youth ministries degree has been priceless. From the bible classes that taught me how to handle God's Word to my ministry courses that showed me how to look below the surface of people’s lives (to see where God’s Church could meet them most profoundly), I felt very well equipped to not only lead a church, but to prepare those who will be a part of our ministry to serve God and others through their unique gifts. As my wife and I enter into this new chapter of pastoring Daybreak Church in Kenosha, WI, I see that my youth ministries classes were so practical and personal that they helped me find my unique ways of serving God. Outside of the incredible school, I think JBU youth ministry program is second to none!

Daniel Faulkner '12

FaulknerLiving in Memphis, my days are filled with interacting with and teaching inner-city youth about character, discipline and Jesus through the game of basketball, while also helping our youth workers serve our guests according to the mission of the organization. The youth ministries degree prepared me well in this unique setting because it taught me how to serve youth in whichever community that we find ourselves. I learned in my time at JBU that when we come into a culture we have to learn to listen to them first. When we have also taken the time to know God through the Word, we can help to connect them to the One who can really address their needs. I'm doing ministry for Him and with Him. Looking back, I believe that the Youth Ministry degree was the best degree I could have received for wanting to do ministry for a living. I didn’t just learn a lot inside the classroom, I was discipled as I got to go out and practice. So if you're considering ministry as foundational to your future career, the Youth Ministries degree at John Brown University should be strongly considered. 

Sung Uk Yoon '14


As a recent graduate with a degree in youth ministries, I work at a Christian residential facility, Shelterwood, in southern Missouri. This non-profit Christian residential facility helps teens that are struggling with drug dependencies, self-harm, anxiety, depression and other issues. To do this we live with the residents in shifts to help continually guide and encourage them through their daily struggles. The youth ministry program not only pushes you to be a deep thinker, but it also pushes you to put what you learn into practice, in ways that sometimes makes your heart hurt more than your head. The program made me reshape and rediscover how I could represent Christ to all people. Working with graduates from other places, I see that the JBU Youth Ministry goes far beyond a community of like-minded people guided by committed professors. They are focused on learning how to live out our faith together. It is this depth of integrated training that prepared me to not only work at a residential facility like Shelterwood, but to excel in my support of these youth. The program also regularly challenges you to grow in your faith and to be open to other forms of ministry than what you are not used to. From all this I have learned that youth ministry is about helping teens to be introduced to Christ, grow in their faith, and be safe and have fun in the process.





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