For Brett Landrum ’12, the youth ministries major has provided challenges and experience. “I’ve interacted with parents, families, youth, churches, ministries and all sorts of service projects,” said Brett. “I’ve used my studies in the Siloam Springs community almost every week that I have been here.” 

This major emphasizes education, Christian formation, counseling and the development of family dynamics in adolescents today. Students are given the opportunity to learn and grow in their ministry skills through a required internship.

“The Youth Ministries major has proved to be thoughtful and practical, just what I hoped it would be,” Brett said. “Many of my experiences have made me aware of what is to come in my own career. We work hard to understand those to whom we minister, the practical way to reach them, and how to maintain our own strong relationship with the Lord in the process.”

This major prepares students through hands-on teaching and challenging courses to serve in an increasingly global context as well as to effectively share their insights and experiences with others in their field. Students will also prepare themselves to minister with youth in intergenerational contexts.

Brett’s experience with youth ministries has helped him better understand his role in the Christian church and what to expect after graduation. “I’m excited because, with the tools I’ve been given, I have a better understanding of how God desires the church to work in today’s world,” Brett said. “Everything that I will be called to do in the service of the church I have already experienced, thanks to my major.”