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Program Details

Course Requirements

For specific course requirements, detailed class descriptions and sample 4-year plans, visit the current JBU Catalog.

JBU offer's some of the nation's best instruction on music theory, music history and aural analysis, what JBU Music labels the "pre-performance" aspects of music.  Read more about our outstanding "pre-performance" program here.

What Can I Expect?

  • Complete Music Department audition process and be admitted into the degree program.
  • Participate in an ensemble each semester
  • Attend various recitals on and off campus
  • Complete an internship and senior worship presentation
  • Complete music courses including:
    • 4 semesters of private lessons (piano, voice, or instrument)
    • 4 semesters of piano (class or applied)
    • 3 semesters of music theory
    • 2 musicianship (ear training)
    • 2 semesters of music history and literature
  • Complete Worship Arts courses including:
    • Worship Arts 1 and 2: Orientation and Methods
    • Biblical Theology of Worship
    • Audio Technology
    • Contemporary Theory
  • Complete the University Core curriculum (various courses in the liberal arts, Biblical studies, math and sciences, etc…)

Still have questions? Request information from JBU's music department or contact Jen Edwards.

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