Julian's music history and Christian church history classes give him more than just academic challenges. “JBU's Worship Arts is giving me great real-life experience,” he says. “I get to lead and play in chapel bands several times every month. This opportunity, along with the challenging classes, is a great foundation for a career in both music and ministry.”The Red Steps worship band

The worship arts major at John Brown University equips students to serve as worship arts pastors in local churches and para-church ministries. The program challenges students to become competent classical musicians, think philosophically and theologically about the concept of worship, as well as acquire practical tools and methods to minister with excellence. Moreover, students learn how to lead people, practice integrity and how to become someone whom others want to follow.

This major provides practical and challenging courses designed to enable graduates to be excellent musicians, and a large amount of the curriculum in this major focuses on developing personal and interpersonal pastoral skills. Students can major in worship arts with a concentration in either voice, piano, organ, string, wind or percussion instruments.

Students are challenged to participate in opportunities on and off campus like joining the worship team at chapel, local churches and various live music venues in order to apply concepts learned in class

“I’ve learned to appreciate and take part in a different denomination’s worship styles,” Julian says. “It’s taught me a lot about the Church and about Christ’s love for the Church.”