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Become a worship leader • Learn to think philosophically and theologically about worship • Impact your community

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Worship Arts is a leadership ministry.
JBU equips you to engage well.

In the worship arts major, you will cultivate your own style of interaction with music and worship. At JBU you will develop a personal philosophy of the arts that will emphasize the integration of faith and art, and you will have numerous opportunities to practice and perfect your technical skills.

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What to expect as a Worship Arts student at JBU

Experience Great Community

Enjoy an honest, creative and fun community that often includes late nights in the music library, jam sessions and dinner at Professor Edwards’ house.

Develop Your Style

Explore new musical styles, instrumentation, chordal structure and pastoral methods by leading music sets for top professors and fellow classmates.

Lead the Student Body

Worship Arts students apply their coursework to their involvement in Chapel bands that lead each Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday chapel.

Tour the U.S.

Audition for the highly competitive Red Steps worship band that travels with the Admissions department across the U.S. during the academic year.

Explore Denominational Diversity

JBU is an interdenominational school where worship arts students are asked to explore the various styles of musical worship represented on campus.

Enjoy Fantastic Facilities

Students have access to practice rooms and performance areas in the Berry Performing Arts Center, including the computer-MIDI lab, the Yamaha keyboard lab, the JBU recording studio, and a music library.

Produce Your Music

Notate your music in the Midi lab and record it in JBU’s state-of-the-art recording studio with your fellow students using all the skills and techniques you’ve learned in class.

What can you do with a Worship Arts degree? 

Worship Leader

Churches are looking for youth worship leaders who not only understand the theological and apologetic ideas of worship but also know the theory, set up, scheduling, and talents needed.

Youth Worship Leader

Youth groups are looking for youth worship leaders who engage the audience in worship and know the theory, set up, scheduling, and talents needed.

Music Industry

This broad field encompasses everything from publishing, recording, repairing, building, tuning, export and import. Typically, training and experience in business is desired for these choices.

Teaching Music

Private schools, private companies, public companies, elementary and secondary schools and colleges all look for quality music training.

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