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Semester in Spain Seville logo JBUSeville, Spain

"I had the incredible opportunity as a Spanish major at JBU to spend a semester studying abroad in Seville, Spain. Being able to learn about the history, art, and literature of different time periods and then visiting and exploring the places those things occurred brought the learning from the classroom to life. 

"Every professor is a Native Spaniard, very knowledgeable, and able to communicate in ways that are accessible to all levels of Spanish. My host mom made me feel at home and was always happy to answer all my questions about society and culture. 

"Exploring the city and meeting Spaniards allowed me to practice my Spanish and feel independent and confident in my abilities in a way that I never had before." - Averee Gumm, class of 2021

To learn about the studies, student life and sights of Seville, Spain, check out the Semester in Spain program of our partner, Trinity Christian College.

From Seville, Spain

San José, Costa Rica

“I spent fall 2019 in Costa Rica with Best Semester’s Latin American Studies Program (LASP). I’ve tried for a year now to find language to express just how much that semester meant to me, but my words invariably come up short. I spent four months walking through perpetual newness—new flavors, new means of transportation, new hiking trails, new daily rhythms, new family dynamics, new friendships with people from new backgrounds, new eyes to see my beautiful world and my wonderful Lord.

"I spent hours in the classroom with professors who deeply cared for me, learning about culture, politics, immigration, poverty, economics,ecology, and religion. Oh, and Spanish. Lots and lots of Spanish. Through trips and immersion experiences and hard conversations I was exposed to realities other than my own. It was deeply challenging and it was indescribably rich.

"Through it all I learned to listen humbly and to cherish diversity. I learned to see beauty in brokenness and to pursue unity and reconciliation. I learned to let my love be genuine. I learned to love a God who is far bigger and whose grace is far deeper than I ever imagined. I am forever grateful for Costa Rica and forever grateful for LASP.” - Marissa Bushlack, class of 2021

To learn about the studies, student life and sights of San José, Costa Rica, check out the Semester in Costa Rica.