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Semester in Spain Seville logo JBUSeville, Spain

"Another aspect of my JBU education that profoundly impacted me was my semester studying abroad in Seville, Spain, through the program that JBU requires all Spanish majors to complete.

"This added a whole new dimension to my education-taking classes while being immersed in a different culture. I loved learning from my native Spaniard professors, especially Carmen Suarez.

"She helped me to understand all the historical architecture and artwork I was surrounded by in Spain, and she also knew how to explain the nuances of Spanish grammar in an understandable way." - Anna Mulder, class of 2010

To learn about the studies, student life and sights of Seville, Spain, check out the Semester in Spain program of our partner, Trinity Christian College.

From Seville, Spain

San José, Costa Rica

“Of all the exciting and challenging semesters I have had here at JBU, my BestSemester study abroad in Costa Rica was an exceptional time.

"The Latin American Studies Program (LASP) added a truly experiential learning component to my time at JBU. I lived with three families over the course of my semester in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and I took courses on and studied the language, social culture, political institutions, and Latin American religion. In total immersion, I embraced firsthand everything from new social habits to deep-seated perspectives on the world.

"The professors in charge of the semester are passionate about the learning content and care deeply about each and every student that attends LASP. I'm very grateful for how they shaped this program and the lasting impact my time in Costa Rica has had on me.” -Reagan Doerstling, class of 2018.

To learn about the studies, student life and sights of San José, Costa Rica, check out the Semester in Costa Rica.