Dr. Warren Roby

Dr. Warren Roby

Professor of Language Studies

Ph.D., University of Kansas
M.A., University of Kansas
M.S., John Brown University
B.A., Wichita State University


Dr. Roby has a B.A. in Linguistics from Wichita State University and both an M.A. in ESL and a Ph. D. in Educational Communications from the University of Kansas.  He finished an M.S. in Community Counseling at JBU in 2014 and is a licensed counselor in Arkansas.

Dr. Roby has taught at four American universities and in France and Japan.  His publications have to do with the use of technology to enhance foreign language instruction.  He has a special interest in lexicography.  His favorite form of exercise is lap-swimming and his hobbies are genealogy and geography.


Warren Roby CV

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