Majoring with an emphasis in Public Relations gives Shannon Thomas ’12 more than academic experience.

"This major has given me the skills I need to change the world," Shannon said. "I can see myself working at World Vision or Compassion International and using what I've learned to spread their message."

Public Relations is the art and science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counseling organization leaders and implementing planned programs of action that will best serve an organization's and the public's interest.

This emphasis prepares students for careers in public relations, integrated marketing communication and corporate and organizational communication.  Students gain skills in communication, marketing and technology through hands-on experiences, including writing press releases, working for the Threefold Advocate or The Nesher, the University's yearbook.

Classes like photography, magazine writing, computer graphics and advertising give students a foundation for communicating through multiple forms of media. Public Relations majors work as interns or in work-study positions for University Communications, which manages JBU’s public relations, web presence and more.

At JBU, the Public Relations emphasis is taught from a Christian worldview and students are encouraged to portray the truth, reflect the good in others and minimize harm.

"Students learn how to build, promote and heal to counteract the malice and destruction in the world," said assistant professor of journalism Marquita Smith.