Why Study Political Science?

A Great Major for a Variety of Careers

The study of politics is an integral part of the liberal arts. As a political science major at John Brown University you will develop writing, communication, analytical and computer skills that are critical for future employment. These skills will help you to think critically and independently, increase your concern for others and your awareness of current affairs, and develop in you a commitment to life-long learning.

At JBU, we take seriously the integration of faith and learning. We want students to see themselves as active participants in the flow of history with a God-given mandate to serve others and to act ethically — in the local community and the world. Studying political science at JBU will enable you to apply the Christian worldview to politics and political issues.

Today's students can expect to change jobs more than once and even to have more than one career during their working life. An undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences, and especially political science, is excellent preparation for the flexibility in employment encountered in the modern marketplace.

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