Why Study Political Science?

A Great Major for a Variety of Careers

Political science majors tend to be: 

  • Curious – they enjoy wrestling with big questions and approaching problems in creative ways.
  • Passionate – they have heard God’s call in their lives and are excited to be pursuing it.
  • Driven – they take their studies seriously, are leaders on campus, and are active in their communities.
  • Open-minded – they consider new perspectives and are willing to be challenged intellectually; after all, all truth is God’s truth.

Here at JBU, we have organized the political science major to get the most from our students. Classes are small and promote thoughtful discussion. Assignments give students creativity to explore problems and issues important to them. The major equips students to make sense of the complex world around them, all for the purpose of advancing the kingdom. We’d love to have you join us.

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