Is Political Science for Me?

The political process may be discouraging at times. It’s easy to be cynical when the headlines report on conflict, self-interest, and hypocrisy among those in the halls of power. But this doesn’t mean we should shy away from understanding the political process. In fact, this is precisely why we need thoughtful, committed people engaged this process; in fact, our system demands it. 

Majoring in political science gives students the tools they need to answer whatever call they have received. Students can earn either a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree, depending on their interests and future plans. And since the major requires less than 40 hours of coursework, most students can add another major or minor (or two!) in another field of study. 

In addition to the major in political science, JBU also offers minors in political science, international relations, and social justice. Additionally, the university offers a pre-law minor for students considering further education in law school and a career in the legal profession. Each of these minors includes coursework in political science, but most require coursework in other departments across campus. 

For more information on course requirements for the political science major (and various minors), click here.

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