Careers and Opportunities

Utilizing Your Degree

Careers for Political Science Majors

Other Opportunities after graduation:

  • Graduate school
  • Academic research
  • Administration and policy
  • Consulting
  • Law
  • Lobbying
  • Local and Federal Government
  • Non-Government organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Political campaign management
  • Public affairs research
  • Program Development


Did you know?  Political science majors get to:

  • Study ancient and modern political philosophies
  • Explore the relationship between faith and politics
  • Take special topics classes in political science
  • Take on an independent study on a topic of special interest to the student
  • Examine methods of political research

Internship Opportunities

Various internship and study abroad opportunities are available, including the International Relations: Irish Studies program and the CCCU sponsored American Studies Program in Washington, D.C. These activities provide insight into practical politics and government, as well as training and contacts that can be helpful in graduate school and future employment.

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